The Pixtar photo booth

The Pixtar photo booth is a fully automatical and portable photographic studio construction, containing a single-lens reflex camera, a multifunctional control display screen and a high-performance printer all integrated in an elegant casing. Our own developed photo booth is not only modern but also smart - it stands out for its diversity and beautiful design. The Pixtar photo booth prints the pictures immediately after taking them so that you can keep them as a memory or stick them into a guestbook. We deliver throughout Austria at the best price and for every Pixtar photo booth delivery the high-quality props are included as well - the fun factor is guaranteed!

A must-have at every event

The Pixtar photo booth is a nice showcase-piece and cuts a nice figure at every event - be it for birthdays, weddings, graduations, business events or other parties! Our photo booth rental is not only elegant but also smart: The Pixtar photo booth is constructed compactly and is able to do more things than only shooting pictures! The photo booth can upload your pictures directly on social media platforms, can start competitions or surveys and many more! The Pixtar photo booth can be used at various occasions and is a must-have for every event!

Die Pixtar Fotobox Classic - Minimal & classy design

The Pixtar photo booth is a real eye-catcher! It is characterised by the elegant casing and the small details that make it so special. Black and White - timeless and classy for every occasion. The Pixtar photo booth is a stylish accessoire on every party because of its high-quality materials and the posh design. But the Pixtar photo booth can also be modified or rebuilt! We can change the whole casing: We are able to foil it for you or rebuild it so that it suits your idea or event.

Pixtar Fotobox

Your benefits with Pixtar

Delivery & pick-up

For maximum reliability and punctual deliveries, we personally handle the delivery and collection of all our Pixtar packages. Through this direct handling by our own team, we can ensure that there are no delivery issues or delays caused by external courier services.

Set-up and dismantling

You do not have to take care of the set-up or dismantling. We set up the photo booth before your event and dismantle it afterwards.

0/24 Support

In case there are disruptions or issues with the photo booth during your event, we offer comprehensive 24/7 support.

Insurance coverage

All of our photo booths are covered by insurance in case of a damage. So you can enjoy your party carefree.


Be the star in your pix

You and your guests are in the spotlight with the Pixtar photo booth. Our high-quality props spice up the whole appearance: Pixtar is armed with funny masks, hats, hair bands and other props so that you can take funny and, above all, unforgettable pictures. Be the star in your pictures!

Easy operation

The Pixtar photo booth stands out because of its simple and user-friendly operation - even kids enjoy it!

High-quality printer

We solely install high-quality printers, which are able to print up to 400 pictures per hour for you.


The camera flashes installed in the Pixtar photo booth, ensure optimum illumination - so that you can shine!

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